Just Alaska.

This is just me.Alaska.
You Know, We have so Little time to say the things we mean...

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“All you Rise?
In this half Light
But your not so Sure
Of Yourself tonight
We have got Ourselves a Fire
For us to Light, buy You
Yeah You Remain
So Quiet and Polite…”

—   Don’t you Mourn the Sun (Mimi)

“Nobody dies a Virgin,
Life FUCKS us All…”

—   Kurt Cobain

La Vie d’Adele.(2013)

Matthew Gray Gubler&Kat Dennings. 
(Suburban Gothic. 2014)

Just Kinda Depressed Post.

Not a Good Day for me.
I feel lost in my Thoughts,
And my Feelings Playing MaryGoRound.
I can’t even tell when I felt like this before.
I feel Shitty and Worthless and Fat and…I could go on.
I want to Die so Bad in this Moment.
But I’m too Weak for this now.
I’m just trying to Let my Feelings out in this Post, so it will maybe get better.
(Let’s Hope)
I don’t want Sympathie.
Seriously, don’t do that Shit!
My Friends are doing this all the Time and I’m getting sick about it.
(I know they just want me to be Okay, but it kinda sucks…)

Well, instead of Cutting myself or doing other stupid Things I try to get over it with Posting how bad I really am. (As Usual)
Funny Fact: It Seems to Work!!!

Melancholia Mix

  • Born to Die (Lana del Rey)
  • Waiting Game (Banks)
  • Buzzcut Season (Lorde)
  • Carmen (Lana del Rey)
  • Silent my Song (Lykke Li)
  • Heart of Steel (Lykke Li)
  • This is What makes us Girls (Lana del Rey)
  • Glory&Gore (Lorde)
  • Brain (Banks)
  • Cruel World (Lana del Rey)
  • Gunshot (Lykke Li)
  • Tennis Court (Lorde)

“Tout le Morceaux de Moi”