Just Alaska.

This is just me.Alaska.
You Know, We have so Little time to say the things we mean...

Photo(s) by Gia Coppola

“I’m not Sure what I’ll do, But- well, I want to Go Places and see People. I Want my Mind to Grow. I want to Live where Things Happen on a Big Scale.”

—   F. Scott Fitzgerald

Eliot “Coco” Sumner. (I Blame Coco)

There’s Always a Reason.

"Okay. What have You done?"
“I Hit him.”
“Yes you Did, but Why?”
“Because What?”
“Nothing, just Because.”
*Hugh* “See, I try to Help you and I have to know What Happened that Night….”
“Well…I Hit him.”
“Yeah, I know That but Why?”
“There Must be a Reason!”
“So you want to Tell me that You hit Him because you were Bored or Something?”
“Did I said That?”
“There must be a Reason! There is always a Reason!”
“Why What!?”

“Some People never go Crazy. What Truly horrible Lives they must Lead.”

—   Charles Bukowski
Night Moves (2014)

Now you’re gone and I Gotta Stay High all the Time,
To keep you off my Mind.
High all the Time…
To Forget I’m Missing You.

That Song…!

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I Care too Much, but it never Works.
Like Now-I’m trying to be here, I’m trying to do Things.
But it doesn’t Work, I can’t find Anything,  so Maybe that’s what Makes me Crazy.


April (Palo Alto)

I’ve Had a Shitty Boring-Because-My-Depression-is-Back-Day, so I made This While I was Safe in My Bed, and Decided to Share this Thing with You Guys. Whatever, Enjoy it!